You are what your team reads
We help teams grow individually & as a team by building knowledge through
tapping into team's reading lists & also enabling them to share links instantly.

“Bringing together the right information with the right people will dramatically improve a company’s ability to develop and act on strategic business opportunities.”
– Bill Gates

Company Info

Teamgum was founded by Divyesh Kharade and Jinen Dedhia, the makers of DRONAMobile – An enterprise mobility product for learning and communication which has garnered a lot of reviews like Economic Times: Start-ups winning over big businesses and awards like IAMAI-Best enterprise product 2013 , PC Quest 2012, United Nations’ WSA 2010 etc.

We always believed in making communication and knowledge sharing between employees really efficient and quick. There was one thing which we could never do effectively with the product was dog food it and use it internally. Being purpose built for large enterprises it had everything that they needed but became increasingly difficult to connect to challenges that a small team like ours had and we had to still rely heavily on emails.

Teamgum comes from this internal need that we faced and a millions of other small teams face, be it startups or smaller teams in larger enterprises. All of us read interesting news, blogs, articles watch youtube videos, slideshare and stuff on the web which adds to our knowledge quotient individually. Collectively as a team we possess immense knowledge which hardly gets shared and discovered often. In dire need the most we do is create a google doc of links or circulate emails in-case we think the article we just read should also be read by your teammate.

Looking at this challenge from a completely different perspective we have come up with a way in which you can share stuff you read and view on the web with your team without leaving your browser or disturbing your reading experience. Teamgum is a browser extension which follows you everywhere on the browser and lets you share stuff at a click of a button and also view what everyone in your team is reading live in a pane on the same tab itself! It not only lets you share and view but also have discussions, let the originator know if you found worth it or even recommend links to targeted teammates who would receive notifications on their browser itself.

Our teams have seen an exceptional change in their reading & knowledge consuming habits which help companies determine their culture & grow as a team.

We would like you too to expereince such a change! We have built an open platform to connect teams by sharing knowledge, information & ideas. The social elements inbuilt in our platform help in increasing engagement & makes knowledge sharing a fun & interesting activity. This accelerates your pace of work and the speed at which innovation develops thereby making it a more productive and smarter workplace.

Loved by teams, Big and Small. Launched at TNW Boost.
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